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STMicroelectronics Sucks. STMicroelectronics is a Swiss-domiciled multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is commonly called ST, and it is Europe's largest semiconductor chip maker based on revenue. While STMicroelectronics corporate headquarters and the headquarters for EMEA region are based in Geneva, the holding company, STMicroelectronics N.V. is incorporated in the Netherlands.

A former Inside Sales from Carrollton, TX in a statement said that STMicroelectronics has the typical corporate predator atmosphere and shares more comments in a review posted by INDEED: "This was by far one of the most exciting roles I had the opportunity to work in. I learned a lot about telecom and even more about people, managers, predators. Unfortunately my last gig with this company landed me in a department where I was managed by an uneducated hispanic lady who had pretty much slept her way to the position she held and made it very hard for anyone else trying to get somewhere and LOL any anyone else in her department who received any extra attention. She's an old lady by now."


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Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Unrealistic goals and need CEO change in my opinion and few Americans in Corporate Management. This is a very top down driven company that doesn’t listen well to the people at the lower levels."

Former Employee - Global Sales Manager says

"Far too many to list here."


"Money is below the average"

Current Employee - Operations Manager says

"Corruption from CEO to VPs, mismanagement, illegal business activities. They lay off american employees and bring people from Europe."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stagnant wages, poor management from top down, lack of concern for employees. Little to no regard for how the actions of management effect the lives of the people in the company."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Now it's dominated by cost cutting and politics."

Former Employee - Product Marketing Manager says

"The Director level mgmt needs a forklift change. Most have scant idea how to run/grow a business. The leadership has no idea how to create a strategy to run a huge org; once in a while a hit comes along to save grace. Huge dependence at all levels on who you know to get the job done. There are hardly any processes to run a multi-segment businesses."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Lot of French and Italian politics around you and you would invariably be a victim of their favoritism .US centers are considered as an overhead and never given their due importance . Management locally is sluggish and spineless with no say in company's decisions . Overall not the best place to work if you want to have a bright career . Just about ok if you want to hang in there with an attitude of old time government employee ."


"Management internal politics. Managers lack managerial skills, not to mention technical skills. Inefficient and ineffective cooperation between project groups (vendor and customer relationship) as there was no mutual trust. Good lead engineers left because of unsupportive work environment. In the end, project got canned and organization got reshuffled, managers replaced. In one instance, a manager from France who took over group was a total idiot, dismissed a good engineer, and eventually led the collapse of the whole group. Of course, after the damage is done, she returned home."

Current Employee - Process Engineer says

"Cheap labour, bad office politics, no job appreciation, always work with non sufficent manoower, low paid"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Lack of moral! Management doesn’t care about operators! Low wages and no respect! Food in canteen is pure plastic... brakes are funny amount of time in comparison with the working hours! Uncomfortable working overalls and cheap shoes!"

Stagiaire (Former Employee) says

"Le vrai visage de cette société a été dévoilé avec le Covid 19. Cette société vient d'annuler le stage des étudiants la veille du stage."

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"This was by far one of the most exciting roles I had the opportunity to work in. I learned a lot about telecom and even more about people, managers, predators. Unfortunately my last gig with this company landed me in a department where I was managed by an uneducated hispanic lady who had pretty much slept her way to the position she held and made it very hard for anyone else trying to get somewhere and LOL any anyone else in her department who received any extra attention. She's an old lady by now."

Coordinateur de projet (Former Employee) says

"Pionnière en terme de "discrimination positive" cette "organisation" devenue une institution en occident en matière de manipulation des perceptions individuelles et du sens acceptable du management, exploite les handicaps de ses salariés, payés au lance pierre, en se confortant et se justifiant d'un esprit humaniste acquis, par ces mêmes pratiques, notoirement dans l'extorsion des facultés psychiques d'un adolescent idéaliste devenu, car rompu contre son gré au machiavélisme d'une culture de fonctionnement rendue mécaniquement vivante à l'encontre de toute vertue, ainsi handicapé psychique chronique."

Technicien de maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Si vous connaissez un responsable en dehors, ça aide, sinon vous resterez à votre salaire d'embauche. Ce n'est jamais les plus méritants qui évoluent, si vous voulez perdre votre temps c'est bien là bas qu'il faut aller. Copinage et management proche de la nullité qui se prennent pour dieu.AucunLe management"


"Aucun avis car deception totale apres 18 ans d'anciennete. Donc pas d'objectivite de ma part"

Assistant ingénieur (Former Employee) says

"aucune possibilité d'évolution dans le salaire.augmentation annule plafonné à 15 euros brute même pour si vous avec de très bonnes performances.le CEles RH"

nc (Current Employee) says

"Bassi Salari Prospettive di carriera bassissime Gestione delle risorse umane scadente Ambiente di lavoro poco piacevoleSa"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The workplace culture is not based on performance or achievements, it is based on how many years you have with the company. A person who has been with the company for over 20 years, but accomplishes very little has exactly the same opportunities open to them that a person who has worked for the company 3 years and has taken on a lot of challenges and succeeded."

Ex dipendente felice di esserlo (Former Employee) says

"Mi è stata cambiata la mansione dopo aver avuto un figlio e mi hanno inserito in un ambiente totalmente sconosciuto a fare un lavoro totalmente diverso. Le mie pagelle erano sempre state ottime. Ho subito mobbing dai colleghi e nessuno mi ha mai difeso pur conoscendo la situazione. Una vergogna. Uffici dove gli impiegati fanno i turni di notte per poter lavorare meno di 8 ore e totalmente fuori controllo. Un lassismo totale.Si ha molto tempo libero da trascorrere in pausa nessuno controlla nessunoTutti"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Poor, highly inadequate and strongly incompetent mangement in most of the production sections including HR. For 1.5 years there the GENERAL MANAGER changed 3 times which speaks highly about the situation. Actually there are more managers and engineers than operators. Supervisors often don't know or care much about their workers."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance was non-existent. Treatment of engineers by management was downright rude and sometimes agressive. Salary was extremely low compared to competitors, and the canteen food was mediocre and expensive!"

Superviseur de production (Former Employee) says

"Les supérieurs sont très casse tête, le salaire n’ai pas attractif.AucunSalle blanche"

SW Analyst ERP SAP Area (Current Employee) says

"Low job Culture and low culture of the management. The management has a very low culture of work, and low culture in general. The carrier paths are totally unclear.NoneAll"

Operator/Laborer (Current Employee) says

"workers are like toys. you dont work in the same place second day. managment live in his own word. wages are low we have been telling this long time but they just having fun of us."

Shop Assistant (Former Employee) says

"sitting in a classroom for hours on end learning about health and safety because there was no work available so there was nothing else to doFree lunchesno work"

Planificateur de production (Former Employee) says

"Beaucoup d'agressivité entre les gens. Certainement dû à la pression et au management. Aucune culture d'entreprise, aucun sentiment d'appartenance. Une ambiance exécrable où tout le monde se tire dans la bourre. J'ai fui et j'ai bien fait !"

Technicien de maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Autant on peu avoir de très bon collègues très motivés et prêts à vous aider le coeur sur la main et autant il y a des "glands" comme c'est pas permis, toujours à vous refiler le sale boulot (ou le boulot tout court d'ailleurs) De plus il y a une atmosphère de faux-q qui règne en salle blanche (à crolles 300 en tout cas) donc faites bien attention à qui vous parlez. Les chefs par toujours très futés ne sont pas très souvent à l'écoute des employés par contre pour vous dire qu'il faut faire de la prod ils sont là. Je ne m'attarderai pas sur le fait que malgré qu'on m'avait promis au moins un renouvellement au minimum on m'as gentiment claqué la porte au nez sans vraiment d'explication , tout ça pour dire que vous restez un peu au jugé de certaines personnes et non pas à vos compétences... Sinon horaires tout à fait supportables (équipe 3 20h30 5h pour ma part) à condition qu'on vous refile pas tout le boulot comme dit précédemmentTrès bon CE et salaire attractif (bien que pas assez quand on compare)L’atmosphère et les mentalités même si ça ne concerne pas tous forcément, Hiérarchie désordonnée, RH déplorable"

Facilities Manager and Safety Advisor for the UK (Current Employee) says

"A typical day was very busy. I managed three sites in the UK and my responsibilites covered all non-core functions - too many to list. I was also the lead for all Health and Safety matters across the UK. Having been an officer in the Army before working for ST, I suppose the most I have learnt from the job was managing large FM Budgets. I managed FM assistants, caterers, security guards and M and E teams. All were good to manage - where possible I tried to build on each and every employees skills. Hardest part of my job was machine safety at the Edinburgh site. Enjoyoble bits were - doing for others and getting the satisfaction that what I had put in place made a difference.Non fixed work hoursPay - very low for my responsibilities"

Opérateur (Former Employee) says

"travail de nuit, 12h de poste consécutif sur deux jours puis 8h sur 1jour. Ambiance délétère, managering à l'américaine : grosse pression sur les salariés.Mais rémunération correct.rémunérationgestion des salariés"

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